"Will this help someone express their love for this amazing area?"

The Great PNW was founded in Spokane, WA by Joel Barbour in 2013. A Northwest native since birth and a graphic designer by trade, Joel saw something missing in the apparel world when he was continually unable to find a clothing company that expressed his love for The PNW. He figured that if he was frustrated by this, then many other Northwest lovers probably were too. So in 2012, he got to work designing a line of graphic tees to soon launch his idea on Kickstarter. With the help of long-time friend Mike Miller, the Kickstarter campaign was a success and then the idea was slowly becoming a "business".
Flash forward 10 years and a lot has changed but more importantly, so much has stayed the same. Yes, the team is bigger, the building is bigger, the brand is bigger but at our core, our love for The PNW has stayed the same. Every product we put out still has to answer to the same question: "Will this help someone express their love for this amazing area?"… once it does, then we design, refine, and produce.
Whether you have followed our brand from its infancy or just now joining along for the ride, we hope you find what we create to make the world better because of it. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for joining us in helping spread the love for this great area we call home.