2018 Winter Photoshoot Info

For this shoot, we are renting a house in Sandpoint at the base of Schweitzer resort. That will be our home base and will venture around Sandpoint and Schweitzer for shooting. 
The shoot pays $100 plus $150 in clothing and all your food and lodging is provided.

We have two vehicles driving up there but if anyone wants to drive themselves they can.
  • Shoot Date: 10/19/18 - 10/21/18

  • Time: 1pm @ The Great PNW office - 2808 N Monroe St. to get shirt sizes then head out from there. We plan to be back into Spokane by 6pm Sunday. 

  • What to bring/wear: Solid dark colored pants, Flannels are good, anything you might naturally layer up with over a T-shirt.
    Footwear: Anything casual; Vans are great, sandals, a light hiking shoe/boot. We won't be doing anything that you will need a full on a hiking boot. And the shoes aren't really seen much in the photos.
    Bring your own towel if you would like to shower/swim.
  • Optional: Jacket, flannel, sunglasses, etc. any accessory type items you would normally wear at the lake.
    Sleeping bag and pillow.

  • Food: We have you covered for all meals. If there is anything specific you can't eat please let us know ASAP.

  • Contact: Mike's Cell: 208-659-9384
                    Joel's Cell: 509-954-9625